John Howard Society of Canada - Our Mission: Effective, just and humane responses to the causes and consequences of crime.

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The John Howard Society of Canada

809 Blackburn Mews
Kingston, ON K7P 2N6

Tel: 613.384.6272
Fax: 613.384.1847

Executive Director:
Catherine Latimer

Research & Policy

Research & Policy

Policy positions endorsed by The John Howard Society of Canada are the product of ongoing and in-depth research into the causes and consequences of crime, informed by the "effective, just and humane" principles and values for which the Society stands.

All of the research we rely upon is in the public domain.

The JHSC has close relationships with scholars, academics, public servants, policy makers, former correctional officials, and specialists from all around the English-speaking world who readily share their research materials. As a consequence, the Society has accumulated a library of peer-reviewed best evidence on correctional and criminal justice policy.

The Executive Director of JHSC brings together this evidence on any given criminal justice issue in order to present to committees of the House of Commons or the Senate of Canada – and to inform his frequent public and media pronouncements.